Foreign Investment

The practice area of Foreign Investment is one of the most important areas within VCA law firm, in light of the global surge of investment routes that have headed into Angola, due to the potential of investment that the country has revealed over the last decade.

VCA law firm has also a vast experience in following up procedures of implementation of business structures in Angola.

Our Team
Led by Vítor Carvalho, the team allocated to the issues related to Foreign Investment also includes Patrícia Rocha Buchartts and other Angolan attorneys with highly specialized knowledge of this area.

Our Clients
Among VCA clients, we point out all multinationals and international companies, in sectors such as production, distribution, investments, consulting and provision of services, including companies that operate in the movement of goods, services and capital, from or to Angola.

Our Added-Value
The legal services provided by the Foreign Investment team of VCA law firm cover all items that make up the process of setting up foreign representations in Angola, including the necessary tracking of the structures after the implementation stage, notably in terms of Labour Law, Immigration, Licensing, Permits, profit and/or dividend repatriation from Angola to foreign countries.

Among others, we highlight the following services in this area:

  • provision of information and elaboration of opinions on matters related to international trade and customs;
  • provision of information and elaboration of opinions on matters related to international business transactions and disputes arising from that;
  • provision of legal advice on the import of goods, finished goods and raw materials;
  • provision of legal advice to investors in terms of the optimization of resources existing in the country;
  • development of global strategies with a view to reducing costs and taxes in the process of setting up companies and/or representations;
  • obtaining, legalizing and compiling the paperwork needed to submit investment projects to the competent Angolan authorities;
  • elaboration and negotiation of investment contracts, under the Investment Law;
  • representation of clients before the Angolan supervision authorities of the respective industry;
  • negotiation, by representing the client, with the Angolan regulatory and supervision authorities;
  • duty to impart information to the Angolan supervision authorities and other necessary formalities before the State authorities;
  • follow-up of any requests for amending the investment projects;
  • elaboration of contracts and other necessary paperwork;
  • provision of information and elaboration of opinions regarding relevant legislative amendments, particularly in terms of the foreign investment legal framework, tariffs and investment fiscal framework and the performance of specific activities.